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2020 takings

Happy Holidays to all of you . in this special Article i would like to list briefly my personal learnings from 2020 and to share my plans with you for 2021.

2020 was with no doubt a tough year for most of the people that i know , yet in the middle of all of the mess that the Covid_19 has caused , i personally observed many opportunities and i noticed that this pandemy was an opportunity for majority of businesses to go back to basics , from doing things right , to focus on customer service , offer quality products , focus more on cleanliness and hygiene , need to be more aggressive on marketing businesses just to name few of the business results caused by this pandemy , but what matters above all of these points is ! this Pandemy with no doubt made us closer to our families and that what matters, many business people especially those working in the hospitality industry had new opportunities to spend more time with their families and kids than ever , so we all learned that balance in life is the most essential element that was for sometime ignored by many who thought that business is the most important !

For myself , i have decided that it is time to consider opening my first personal project which will be realized in the beginning of 2021 , i am finalizing the concept elements and business plan and started looking around for a potential location in #Montreal , this is where i live currently , at a point we should all consider start with a small business instead of remain employed and work for others .

I wish you all happy holidays and happy end of year and a great beginning of 2021 , hoping that you all start applying your learnings from 2020 to ensure that 2021 will be different in a way and to move upward in your lives .

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