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Are you a "Cultbrand"?

i am reading a book that talks about Cult brands.
This book calls discounted promotions as "Bribe" as clients coming after this do that simply to get the discount and might never become actual followers and loyal customers to the brand ! Which any senior leader knows but might still do as they don't know necessary how to engage their customers. 

Engaging CUSTOMERS might begin by asking the question ,what does your actual customers want and expect from your brand ? a better product ? more reachable locations ? Better communication ?faster service ? just to name few ? and than work on addressing those wants and make sure to communicate this with clients which will engage them in a better way than discounting your products and hoping that you win your customer's loyalty as a result !

Going digital is  a key for any operation to keep on track and to be able to measure customer's satisfaction and work on keep engaging them by offering solutions wherever applicable !

The name Cultbrands refers in business terms to the dedication and devotion leaders and team members of  a particular brand! As  a result this brand enjoys an exceptional loyalty and benefits from strong word-of-mouth advertising...

Cultbrands followers are more like ambassadors and talk about what they have purchased from this brand with passion and pride.

Example Google and Apple brands and
 That is why they are the most valuable brands on earth !

Harley Davidson ,Redbull....

Brand engagement is the reverse of Mass promotions ...

In brief if you keep doing mass marketing campaigns hoping to get more sales instead of engaging your customers and add value to the brand ,you might generate short term gains but long term pains and your brand might not survive for long !

The key questions should be always "how to engage our customers " ,how to have them become our ambassadors ? How to get them trust our brand blindly ? Answers should be your next marketing / advertising plan! Take  moments to decide if above is the right thing to do ! 

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