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How can any of you change career in few steps ?

Yes , any of you can change career after working a few years in your domain and i would like to address my article especially to those working in the hospitality and more specifically Hotels & Restaurants !

Why Those working in the hospitality industry specifically ? Simply because this industry is one of the hardest industries to work within and at the same time one of the lowest paid industries .

You need to work long hours , different shifts , meeting and exceeding customers' and management's expectations ...It sounds that everyone expects you to be a hero which is true to a certain extent !

I know that many staff and managers within the industry are seeking a better balance in their life more than ever , also they are seeking a more stable & Payable type of jobs !

Here is what you need to consider and focus on ! I am sharing this based on personal experience and based on my observations and knowledge gained over the past two decades .

Focus on your existing and gaining new "Skills" !

Any advertised job has a set of skills that are required from a candidate that is applying to this specific job opportunity :

-If you work in the hospitality industry that means that your skills allow you to work in any "Customer service job" , Simply because you practice the skills of meeting and exceeding your customer's expectations in your day to day work !

-If you are good in the negotiations & has selling skills you can apply to "Real estate" or any "Sales person" job opportunities that are advertised outside the hospitality industry .

-If you have the skills of managing a "Restaurant Franchise" and know how to deal with the franchisees and represent the Franchisor's values, you are good to apply and negotiate any other industry's advertised "franchise regional roles , yes you might not have the product knowledge , but with your knowledge you can get trained and get the job.

- Gaining Computer & Language skills might open a lot of doors for you ! you can do online Microsoft courses or enroll with any academies to gain Excel and power point presentation skills and /OR learn new languages , which will allow you to potentially be able to apply for jobs in Administration /Coordination /Office management /Representative and a long list of potential other opportunities that could be opened for you once you gain these new skills !

I have benefited from my hospitality gained background and applied my knowledge and experience in a complete new industry , i have worked on improving many skills including computer / languages /Negotiations which would allow me to continue in another industry that is not related to the hospitality industry , yet hospitality remains in every job / task & connection that i do on a daily basis .

This is not to encourage people to leave the hospitality industry , as anyone from this industry ultimately has passion and would never adapt in another industry, but those that need a better balance of life , this would be a key for you to start focusing on certain skills and look for jobs that do require these skills and adjust your CVs to promote the skills that you have Vs those advertised which will increase your hiring chances !

Last but not least , some skills might help us to have more fun in life and not necessarily just to open new opportunities for us , during the Covid Lockdown i have purchased a semi automated coffee machine and practiced the skills of making "Coffee latte art " which is something i enjoy every morning of my life and feel proud about ,currently learning Spanish after my last visit to the Dominican republic where simply i practice my Spanish language daily on an app called Duolingo , this way i can communicate in Spanish each time i travel to the Caribbean and enhance my travel experience , if i could make it i am absolutely sure any of you can do as well , so i do highly encourage everyone to work on gaining new skills as this would add spices to your life and enhance your self confidence !

Happy Learning , Happy new #Skills gaining !

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