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Is it true that most of staff leaves because of their direct supervisor !

We all have worked with different types of people! some are nice and supportive, others might be jealous and type that puts the sticks in the wheels and never wants to see you advancing before them! but if you think about it, you rarely resign because of a non-supportive colleague right?

Therefore, leaving a company is mostly related to a direct supervisor / Manager that gives you daily tasks, directions, and missions to complete and expects certain results from you right?

When would you exactly start thinking that it is time to move on and leave the company? let's list a few points that you might have faced before and were reasons for you to leave a certain job/company and mainly because of your direct manager/ supervisor!

1- When your supervisor have high expectations from you but never gave you the tools or support needed to complete the job?

2- When the supervisor is biased toward other staff members due to certain personal preferences!

3-When a supervisor sets unrealistic expectations for you to achieve!

4- When you feel that all workload is laying on your head and your supervisor spends time improving his/her PR!

You know what ! List can goes on and on , and i am sure many staff that have left because of their direct supervisors might have dozens of other valid reasons !

Someone has mentioned to be before that there are no bad staff in this world ! but bad leaders ! if a staff doesn't have the skills or abiltiy to perform a job which you should be aware of at the time of hiring them , it is absolutely your responsibility as supervisor to train them , develop them , support them and play a role model until they live up to your expectation right !

So yes , in 90% of situations - if we put aside personal reasons for leaving companies - turnover is due to direct supervisor's treatment ...

But why just direct and not top management ? well a non-supportive top management might definitely be an indirect reason to create a non-healthy environment where sooner or later most of the staff will be leaving because of their bad leadership ! but in day to day operations, a staff member is directly dealing with their direct manager and this is the person who can support their daily acts or make their days hell ! so definitely the influence on someone's decision to leave a company is more powerful and impactful from their direct manager rather than the top management / owners of a business!

Therefore , a professional advise to any companies that have a high turnover in a particular position is to consider investigating the performance / behavior of the direct supervisor that is in looking after this position , or at least start by considering this point and be assured a high % of staff do not share these stuff in their exit interviews, because simply they don't care anymore and they are ready to make a better way somewhere else!

Most of my articles are based on personal experiences that i have experienced in my career path in the hospitality industry , Mainly hotels & Restaurants and i love to share my experiences and views and happy to receive feedback and debates if what i say doesn't make sense to anyone !

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