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What are elements of restaurant success?

This might sound easy for some and some might think about it in order to assess what are elements of success of a restaurant business ? let's think about it this way .

Restaurant business is there to cater good food and service to the clients who wants to either come dine in the restaurant or to order food to their home or location , saying this it means that first element for success would be to have a "Well balanced Menu" that offers good food that appeals to the local community , combined with what we call it good service which simply means to prepare the food and send to client in an efficient span of time also to let the customers to feel welcomed when they first call or enter to a restaurant and to bid them a friendly farewell when leaving and ask them to come again. Good service is ensured when we hire qualified ,caring staff and give them proper training and continuous development .

Here i am not going to talk about the real estate part , where number one factor of success for a restaurant is its location , as location is something we ensure before the opening of a restaurant , therefore i am addressing more the elements that a restaurateur can work on to ensure his/her restaurant success.

It is not enough to create one menu and assume that this will keep pleasing regular clients , as humans tend to get bored quickly especially in nowadays under the influence of social media and the big boom of restaurant business all over the globe , therefore it is critical to consider adding short term promotions , specials , change some menu items by applying what is known as Menu engineering , where we get rid or improve those particular menu items that are not selling as good as the stars on the menu , combined these efforts will enhance customers loyalty .

When it comes to pricing , this is a very critical element as ensuring that a restaurant's pricing are within competition pricing and that we offer a good value for our products additionally we can introduce loyalty programs .

Consistency in our offerings is the Main key for success , if a client is coming to your restaurant because they love the way you serve a Burger , Sandwich , Salad or whatever menu item and they really enjoy the flavors of this particular item and one day they get disappointed because the taste and flavors are not maintained due to XYZ reasons , this might be the first unpleasant experience for this customer , if this gets repeated with the same customer and later with more customers , this is the end , we cannot expect those to keep coming back and definitely they will find alternative and this is when a restaurant story comes to end as well .

Operating a restaurant with Passion and care and not treat it from a pure commercial point of view are the main elements to ensure business continuity and that draws a success story to a particular restaurant.

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