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What makes American franchises the best in the world ?

Is there a magic formula that leads to the fact that American restaurant and food industry especially franchised businesses are the best in the world ? or is there something that US based restaurant companies does , but not is not followed by companies that franchise out their business from other parts of the world ?

I am not saying this is 100% the case , as there are always some exceptions of successful franchised businesses that come from other part of the world , also, i am not stating that i am an expert in US franchised brands , but at least i am talking from my experience of observing these brands and working for some , which gave me an understanding of their standards Vs. other country's franchised businesses' performance .

let's begin by highlighting the biggest challenge for F&B industry ! Consistency !

While consistency is always a challenge , where a restaurants' team have to serve the same look, taste & temperature food in the same way at all times to their customers .

Going from this point , we all can agree that humans tend to do errors by nature , even if they have a big experience in preparing the same meals - here we should not forget the other challenge of the industry which is staff turnover and always new staff do require longer time to get to the level needed to ensure consistency as per restaurant standards - Therefore US based companies have invested heavily in "Technology " .

Technology , by investing in software systems that guide staff both in back and front of the house . this investment allow kitchen team main roles to be assembling food and cook it quickly as most of food and sauces are sourced either ready or in dry powder that can be mixed following guidelines to give a final dressing item that can be always consistent and easy to prepare .

The same applies to all kitchen equipment , to warm bread there are bread toasters with timers and even names of different breads to warm (toast , muffin bread , bread rolls etc...) , fryers have monitors that gives a bip when its time to pull out the fries from the fryers , hot holding for meats during peak time also comes with monitors that control for how long each item on the menu can be kept in that particular holding drawer until served or might need to be discarded in case it has crossed the standard time of holding in order to ensure quality and consistency .

Grills that are fully automated and also have a bip system to alert chefs of the correct doneness of meat and when it ready to be taken off the grill and served . These are just few examples that shows that the technology a plays a big role in helping chefs to ensure food items preparation consistency at all times , so there is no place for personal judgement .

Also front of house team use technology and software systems in either seating guests with seating plans guiding staff and other technology items that helps in organizing the staff in accomplishing their roles efficiently .

Not only that , also these companies have invested in online training videos and tutorials where each staff have to complete questionnaires after watching each video that shows them each standard that they have to complete when joining the team , this will be followed by on the job training and evaluations of performance along the road .

So , Technology is one of main key factors in which US companies have invested in order to streamline their business flows , this combined with the standard flow systems and organization of their corporate structure have allowed them to expand quickly and efficiently .

Let's not forget that competition in US between major F&B brands is the biggest in the world which impose on each company to do all market intelligence needed to find a gap and improve their services and quality of work in order to remain as competitive and gain market share , this resulted in a lot of ambitious & well planned organizations that today worth billions of dollars and their shares are in stock markets .

Therefore , my message to the ambitious small restaurant companies who have one or few branches and would like to expand and compete with the giants , to consider first of all to spend a lot of time to build their brand standards , invest in technology and ensure consistency , invest in develop detailed franchise manuals and operating manuals , hire professionals to form what is called corporate office and put in place the plan of expansion and follow your vision .

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Oct 18, 2020

Thank you Asaad .happy that you did like it


very nice article, welldone 🌹

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